Stonehenge and Carnac meet new friends

That’s a picture of me with my new friend Emilie.

The other day Emilie and Matt came from a place called Canada to meet us.  (That’s where our geese come from).  Some of the older llamas – Ringsbury, Stenness and Brodgar – were telling me they remember meeting Matt years ago when he lived in Ewyas Harold and helped open gates for us to move from one field to another.  Anyone who helps llamas to eat fresh grass is fine by us.

Here we are on the Common.  Me and Carnac and Emilie and Matt.  It has been so warm that trees are in bud and there are flowers coming out early.

Matt wore a pullover for the day which had lots of lovely pictures of llamas on it.  We were all impressed and have asked our people if we can have smart llama jumpers.

Emilie was very sweet and I think she loves me.  She said she would be back to see me next time she is visiting the village.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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