Llama Trekking

Llama Trekking in Herefordshire on the border with Wales

Each trek is exclusive to the party that books

Why not hold your hen do at our farm, or have our llamas at your wedding or buy a llama trekking gift voucher as a present for family or friends?

About our Llama Treks

Llama trek experience

You will help call in, catch, halter, groom and walk your llama through our fields and farm, or beyond through the glorious Herefordshire countryside.

Llama Treks tailored to your party's requirements - we don't mix parties of trekkers so only your family or party will be taking your trek. It will be your exclusive experience

We take our llamas out throughout the year, and can usually accommodate you and your party at short notice.

Llama trek details

Llamas are members of the camel family. These charming, inquisitive and gentle animals will delight in accompanying you on a walk through the village of Ewyas Harold set in the beautiful South Herefordshire countryside.

Llamas are not ridden, but wear a halter and walk on a lead rope.

A typical llama trek experience will start with us calling the llamas into the penning area. An incentive (a bribe!) of a mouthful of their specialist feed, perhaps supplemented with some carrot might help.

The llamas are fed, and trekkers will halter and stroke them so the llamas are ready to walk. It really is that simple.

Each llama on its lead rope will follow you as you set off at a gentle stroll. We will accompany you on your llama trek through our fields and down the hill into the village where the llamas are always very well received.

We return to the farmyard where the llamas are rewarded with some more food before you release your llama to stroll back to the field.

Often the llamas will linger for five minutes before leaving - a sure sign that they have enjoyed themselves. There will then be the opportunity to visit the llama weaving studio. We spin and weave the beautiful llama wool on a large floor loom - see how this is done and then browse the llama shop.

You will notice the different characters of the llamas. They are traditionally seen as curious yet aloof and are the most interested of all animals and love new experiences. Eleven of the fifteen llamas trek and the Golden Valley Llamas herd at Old King Street Farm have distinctive personalities: Meet the Llamas

Llama trekking is available to both people staying in our self catering Herefordshire holiday cottages or day visitors by appointment. We can usually accommodate a llama trek around the edge of the Black Mountains, in this most beautiful corner of Herefordshire, at short notice. And don't forget, this will be your party's exclusive experience.

Dress appropriately for the expected conditions and wear boots, trainers or stout shoes as a short section of the walk may be muddy

Our llamas are also be available for events away from the farm, so if you would like to have our llamas at your wedding, party, or similar occasion please enquire

At A Glance

  • Costs

    Price per person, either with one llama each or sharing one llama between two people £50 adults, £30 children

    Llama trek experience based on a minimum of two adults - £100

  • Duration:

    Trek experiences last around two and a half hours

  • Dogs

    Sorry - no dogs

Therapeutic value

It is reported widely and we have witnessed ourselves that llamas are suitable for close contact with children due to their docile and friendly natures. Parents have reported children being willing to walk twice as far when accompanied by llamas. Autistic children can respond especially well to llamas, sometimes the expressive eyes of the animal help them make their first sustained eye contact. The good results llamas have with children may in part be due to how pleasant they are to touch.

Meet The Llamas


King of all he surveys, Ringsbury is top dog and head honcho. The head of the herd is very important to the whole demeanour of the herd. His character will influence all the llamas. Ringsbury is an elderly well-mannered gentleman of the old school, unless you argue with him, and Brodgar sometimes does. If disorder breaks out in the herd, Ringsbury will sort it with a stamp of authority and a well-placed spit.

Long Meg

The matriarch and decision maker. Ringsbury works alongside Long Meg to ensure discipline. She is well capable of leadership but she does give way to self doubt and can become nervy. She has had seven babies so we don’t expect her to trek, which is as well as she has never taken to it. Off farm, her nervous disposition really takes over, at home she is elegant and self-assured.


One time advanced level trekker, he is now getting older and has bad feet but he just loves trekking SO much that occasionally he goes out. On treks, he is bomb proof, loyal to his two-leg and outpaces everyone. However, these days, he is slower perhaps a little grumpier. On occasion, he has wanted to vie with Ringbury for herd leadership, frankly he hasn’t a chance! He just doesn’t have the same charisma. Pan faced, his expression gives nothing away but he is all heart.

Stanton Drew

Stan the Man is a regular trek leader these days and he learnt all he knows from Brodgar his mentor. Some would say not the sharpest tool in the box, but we say that because he fell in the lake as a cria! Not a great fan of being groomed, he will grumble away but he wouldn’t dream of misbehaving, he’s too laid back when it comes to it….He’s a big bear in sheep’s clothing.


Despite an early lack of confidence, Rollright is now a top trekker, sure footed and loyal. Not a great fan of being touched, these days he will tolerate a gentle stoke on the neck from his two-leg which shows how far he’s come. A gentle spirit, he stares at you with his wide eyes questioningly but once he knows where he is, you can rely on Rollright to bring you safely home.


The ultimate laid back dude, Moai is happy to go with the flow. His funny face and bent ears give him charm and his distinctive black and white body make him easy to spot. A favourite of the female two-leg he has a lofty presence but he really doesn’t want any responsibility; in the middle of the pack please! That’s where you will find him, preferably with his brothers Rollright and Stan.


Big and Beautiful Carnac is mainly eyebrow, thick coat and thicker head hair, he peers out from under those eyebrows with a winsome gaze. Carnac despite his size, is the bottom of the pecking order of this herd. Even his little sister picks on him sometimes. So self-confident he is not, but he’s a great and reliable trekker who is a safe pair of hands for his two-leg and totally loveable!


Now Stonehenge is SO handsome that he is regularly mistaken for a girl! His beautiful face makes him the poster boy at Old King Street Farm. But he will have to watch it as he is quite partial to his food and a little rotund in consequence. He enjoys a trek but when caught short, he will take a regular comfort break to the entertainment of his two-leg. What is Stonehenge’s party trick? he will “foot give” happily on command.

Kilpeck Castle

Our young silky Kilpeck has beautiful white and dove grey curling locks, but unfortunately he really is not a fan of being groomed as despite stunning wool he looks a right royal mess most of the time. His heart is brave and true, and he is lovable, kind and gentle as long as you don’t have a brush in your hand. Kilpeck is a super trekker but he’s in no hurry at all, and will dawdle along in his own world, happy to be out and about.

Maes Howe

Some would say grandma Maesie isn’t blessed in the looks department but she is the gentlest soul and always one of the first at the gate to greet visitors. Her calm reassuring presence gives new trekkers confidence and whilst she doesn’t trek herself (she has had six babies you know!) she’s a people llama. Always up for a back massage or a sit in the office on the carpet, Maesie likes to hang and chill out.


When she was young, she was described as “a bit of a Madame” but as she matures Tintie has mellowed into a fine lady and trekker. She still has a sense of her status within the herd but she is gracious and kind. Handsome and reliable, she will guide her two-leg assuredly and with aplomb. She has a mobile expressive face and loves to trek with her sisters. Boys! she simply doesn’t have time for them.


The darling of the herd, Hazleton is sweet and gentle, in fact she is amenable to everyone and sometimes accused of having a ‘felty back’. This means nothing of course. She sees herself as a reliable trekker, sure-footed good companion to her two-leg. She likes a cuddle, a back rub…well her food, a llama of simple pleasures, an uncomplicated girl of good heart and large stomach.

Ann Howe

Another ever-hungry girl, Annie enjoys the pleasures of the manger but she does like a cuddle as well, sometimes pushing herself forward to meet visitors before everyone has had time to say ‘hello’. She will be the one getting in the way before all the introductions have been made – but that’s only because she’s an enthusiast! Her distinctive white coat with a large grey saddle makes her stand out from the crowd. She will look you straight in eye as to say “I’m so happy to meet you“. She loves her trek and will be first at the mix bucket on return. Annie really loves life.

Loupin Stanes

The baby of the herd, Loupin gets away with more than any other llama. Whilst she is maturing and learning what it takes to be a good trekker from her elders, she still come bounding about like an overgrown labrador…...”Hello, I’m Loupin!” she says to anyone who will listen. On treks she examines everything, and listens and comments on all she sees. Sometime, this inquisitiveness gets her into trouble but will she learn – we think not!


Elderly uncle Stenness is loved by everyone. His trekking days are over as he has bad feet but he loves sun bathing in the field or sitting by his net near the yard gate. He feels his role is gate keeper and is first there when everyone arrives at the yard. So soft, so gentle he is happy to have his teddy bear neck stroked and takes comments about his funny ears in good part. Stenness doesn’t have a mean bone in his whole body. Visitors recognise that immediately and people are drawn to his kind and sweet nature.

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