Stonehenge Talks about Llamas as Therapy Animals

I have just returned from a very lovely llama trek.  My new best mate is Dr. Jane, and big ol’ Uncle Brodgar stepped out with David whilst Stanton Drew trotted alongside our male two-leg.

There was a shower before the sun broke through and a rainbow followed us for the rest of the walk.  That’s me on Ewyas Harold Common in glorious winter sunshine.

My mate knows about four-leg / two-leg interaction and talked about the ways animals help people.  Lots of people have heard about how llamas get on really well with people with autism.  We have lots of visits from people who truly benefit from meeting us, and a walk with a llama or just spending time with us is so lovely because it is so uplifting.

Now, Jane told me all about all the other ways llamas can help people.  We can trek with people with special needs or who have other problems, such as disabilities of various kinds.  We love meeting people, and if you have already visited us here in Herefordshire, you will know how we greet guests in the yard, with the most curious llamas moving in closer to have a really good look at our guests.  We gradually encircle the trekking party so we are all just one big happy family.

As usual, my younger sister Loupin Stanes was the most enthusiastic of the lot and said hello to Jane and her father several times.  Me?  I said hello in my own way which is to sniff people’s hair which I like a lot.  Brodgar moved over and asked if he could go on a trek as he doesn’t do so many these days and Stanton Drew performed his party piece of approaching our people, turning side-on, and waiting for a back rub.  When his massage reaches two thirds of the way along his body he waggles his tale because he likes the attention so much.  We are all different and react in our own ways and our guests like finding out about our different characters and traits.

Why not meet us and take a llama trek?

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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