Maes Howe has a female cria

I`ve just had a new cria. She`s terrific.


Two nights ago I started to give birth in Oak Field. My cria`s nose emerged, and then went back in again. My cria wasn`t quite ready. The baby did this four times. Our people got worried and called ol` doc. This is always the right thing to do. As soon as I heard the dear ones talking about the doc arriving soon I thought I`d better get on with it. Didn`t want too much probing and poking.


By this time, quite a crowd had gathered. All the boys milled around, but Long Meg who is due in three weeks, led all the girls away. I expect she didn`t want to be reminded that she`d be giving birth soon.


Rollright and Stenness were particularly interested and comforting, but I didn`t want them too close so gave them a couple of dark looks, just to make sure they kept their distance.


The farm gate clanged up in the yard, and I realised the doc was coming, so I very quickly pushed and gave birth to a super little girl cria just as he reached the field. Checked over, she was just dandy. The quickest to get to her feet she was feeding within 30 minutes which is brilliant. I`m always a good provider of milk and my cria wanted loads.


We were taken up to the yard as it was late and was getting dark. I waited whilst our people made my pen for the night and cria and I spent the night inside our hay bale lined pen with the rest of the gang just outside. Everyone gently munched hay through the night.


Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and it was time to go to our new paddock, and here my cria sniffed and looked and explored, and was sniffed and looked at and explored by lots of llama noses. We spent the day in the glorious sunshine. I ate lovely lush grass and made milk.


Our people took pictures. My cria is lovely isn`t she? Mainly white with a grey saddle, grey and white head and a tiny grey tip to her tail. She`s big and weighs 15.2 kilos. I love my cria.


Our people have just told me my daughter is called Ann Howe which I think is lovely.


More cria news from Golden Valley Llamas soon



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