Belas Knap goes to the North Somerset Show

We’ve had a brilliant time this week, me and Tintagel.  We went to the North Somerset Show.  It was very big and a little scary.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There were SO many people and loads of new llamas there and we had a brilliant time.


Me and Tintagel walked round in a circle in the Big Parade Ring.  People looked at us, and a nice man checked us.  I don’t think he was a vet because he didn’t stab me.  Lots of llamas looked at me and then I was given a great big Blue Rosette which had First Place on it.  Wow!  Tintagel was given a lovely great big Red Rosette with Second Place on it.  Double Wow!  Gosh, we were pleased, and we don’t even know what we did.


Stanton Drew and Rollright were with us and they also walked around for the nice man.  They were given great big Yellow, and Pink, and Blue Rosettes.  More Big Wows!


Back in our pen, Tintagel and the boys ate some hay, but I wasn’t interested in eating.  It was such a big Show, I just stared and stared and stared.  All day I stood and looked at people, and llamas, and pigs, and sheep, and dogs and so, so much I hadn’t seen before.


Me and Tintagel were tired when we went home and we ate lovely green grass and slept.


More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon



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