Long Meg has the fourth and final female cria of

Sunny times at Golden Valley Llamas.  Yesterday I gave birth to my new daughter.  She’s furry and grey, and pretty, and feeds, and sits next to me and I love her.


I’ve had five babies now and our people have been following me around for a day or two.  I often give birth a little earlier than predicted and I was a week early this year too.  Yesterday morning our male person spotted I was ready, popped indoors to tell our female person and when she came out I was half way though giving birth.  Those two have developed a habit of strolling around behind me and making a sort of clucking noise at me so I lift my tail so they can check how I’m doing.  Conditioning I suppose, but it’s a bit disrespectful I think.


I am really protective.  My people like to check if baby is feeding and if I’m producing enough milk, so they sometimes get a bit close, and though they are my people and I love them dearly, I can’t help myself tell them to ‘clear off’.  Too intrusive.


And now in the glorious early morning sunshine we wake up and I feed my baby again.  The gang are getting blasé about all these girls being born on the farm and they have mainly drifted off to the barn for early morning cud-chewing.


My people have told me my lovely daughter is called Hazleton which is beautiful


More news and pictures from the mothers of Old King Street Llama Farm very soon.


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