Tintagel treks and prepares for the National Show

I will be taking a party of llamas to the National Show at Newbury soon.  Some would disagree that it will be me in charge, but I think we all know that I am the Boss and what I say goes.

My mother Long Meg will claim maternal rights, but I don’t think so!  And as for Moai, well, I wouldn’t wish to be seen obeying him would I?  I may delegate a very minor role to the Lump and tell him to be in charge of my little runty brothers Stonehenge and Kilpeck Castle.

I will lead the females – Long Meg, soppy Hazelton and minxy minx Loupin Stanes and of course I will be in overall charge, but a lardy-boy Moai-led sub-group that doesn’t stay too close is perfectly acceptable.

Of course, there is one problem.  Moai is so big I’m not sure the Two Legs will be able to crowbar him into the trailer.  It will certainly be a squeeze.

I’ve been to shows before and I shall be in charge of the whole llama event at Newbury and all the other llamas from all over the country will look to me for guidance.  I won’t give them any help, of course – (it is a competition!), but if they were to copy me I think they would probably be very haughty, possibly refuse to walk in a circle when asked to, snort and cluck at all other llamas and generally be a bit of a madame.  Perhaps I should advise them to copy me?

The Two-Legs went out and bought some new halters for us which are ‘colour co-ordinated’ with the lead ropes which sounds sensible.  I just wonder why it’s taken them thirteen years to work that out.  I will probably be modelling a rather raunchy red this year.  Drop dead gorgeous!

Now, this morning I shall take Loupin Stanes, Hazelton and Ann Howe out for a llama trek with our lovely friends who are staying in the Two Legs’ holiday cottages.  Loupin is a willing young thing and she will happily walk in first place with me in close attendance, just behind to show her the ropes.  She can’t be left miles out in front or she will suddenly do something she shouldn’t like walk, walk, walk, spot a tasty nibble, walk, walk, walk, jump into the hedge, walk, walk and walk.  So I will escort her.  I’ve spoken to ol’ Two Leg and he agrees with me that she will be a terrific trekker, and it could be that it’s today that she takes the whole three mile circuit without one attempt to eat anything naughty.  I am happy enough in second place, but I’d rather be at the back of the line from where I can supervise the lesser llamas and make sure they are not doing anything they shouldn’t.

More news from the trekking Golden Valley Llamas soon.  Drop Dead Gorgeous Tintagel signing off

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