Tintagel reports from the 2017 Newbury Show


I have just brought my llamas back from the National Show at Newbury.  Some silverware, some red rosettes, but also rosettes of many hues as the results were widely spread around this year.

A Peruvian from my spiritual homeland happened to be strolling round showing great interest in llamas and we really hit it off.  I said I would like to walk around the ring with my South American chum as it would be like bringing a flavour of home to this little part of Britain.

Our people know how to walk in a circle with a llama.  In fact they are really experienced at it, but the Saturday Show classes went on so long (little Loupin won her intermediate female class – clever thing), that the two-legs were really dizzy with all the circling.  They must have had to take twenty circuits of the large ring, and it was frankly a bit boring as the two leg spectators all left to watch the silly sheep show next door.  I think the reason the judge made us walk for twenty minutes was that she was trying to exercise us.  I mean, she called me fat!  A girl’s got to eat!!

So on Sunday our still-befuddled people asked members of the public to walk us in the fun classes.  This was when I saw the very distinguished gentleman dressed in the traditional clothing a two leg wears in my spiritual homeland.

I called ‘Hola’ to him and he introduced himself.  The Senor was very kind and understood I was not too sure of the low opening of the marquee, but he gently encouraged me to duck and I trotted out into the parade ring.  Walking around was interesting as there were lots of people leaning on the rail trying to stroke me as I walked, but being a sprightly thing, I was able to tease them just enough and stayed at arm’s length.

My mother Long Meg was the oldest llama in the show and so she was paired with the oldest two leg.  They spent the day propped up together.  There was one funny thing when my mother was asked if she would like to take part in the Pack Class.  She said ‘No, I would not’ but the rather decrepit two leg didn’t hear her reply so took her in to the ring with a pack on anyway.  She has never worn a pack before and she didn’t feel comfortable so she threw it off and left the ring.

Hazelton was really the star of Sunday when she sprinted round the very tricky agility course to be the fastest llama and then to cap it all she jolly well went and won the llama egg and spoon race.  She was awarded the title of the British Llama Society Sunday Funday Champion.  Now, being a generous soul she decided to share this award with a very big chap called Sidney who we have met before.  He’s a nice llama but he does hum a lot!

And I, yes, I, Tintagel was the star of the fibre display at the show.  My lovely fleece had been spun by our gentle female two leg and she entered this into a class competing against the spinners of all wools imaginable and she jolly well went and won the Best In Show prize for he fibre work which was pretty terrific.  Of course, it’s my prize really, and I’ve been promised a large bag of carrots as a reward and as a thank you for donating my gorgeous llama fibre.  I’d certainly prefer tasty orange carrots to a grotty ol’ brown rosette for coming 23rd in the Agility race.

Our Two Legs spent the whole weekend yakking to visiting people about the delights of llamas, how we like to trek – we really love llama trekking – and talking about our individual characteristics.

At the end of the day I told our people it was time to go home so they escorted Rollright, Stonehenge and Kilpeck Castle into one chariot whilst Long Meg, Hazelton, Loupin Stanes and I stepped neatly into our splendid chariot before the return home.


More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon


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