Moai takes a trek to Ewyas Harold Castle

Spring is nearly here and our people and their friends are taking us trekking in this good weather.  Some of the gang went out twice this weekend.

We have new walks and it’s very interesting for us.  The village has lovely places to visit and I’ve just brought a trek home from an excursion to the Castle.  Well, our people call it a castle, but actually it’s a big lump of earth and the lucky farm goats play King of the Castle games on it.

I’ve been a senior trekker for quite a while and I like to oversee my gentle sister Ann Howe and young Hazelton who follow me as I trundle along.  My brother Stanton Drew sets a good pace at the front of the line, and good old Brodgar brings up the rear and encourages the girls to climb the hill to the Castle.

We round the bend to the entrance and stand and admire the lovely views across the valley.  I can see the Common, and the Dulas Brook and the whole village.  It’s very pretty.  Then I notice a hawthorn shoot and ease towards it, but my person for the day advises me against nibbling and we stroll off to the old deer park beyond the castle.  It’s warm enough for the bees to be emerging from their homes and they meander over the outside of their hives.

We stand and look at the views.  It’s very nice up there, and if I look really hard, I think I can see the fields of our home through the trees.

As usual, we are allowed to graze fresh grass when we return home.  Our people allow us to manicure their lawns.  They call us their lawnmowers.

Our guests feed us cereal and we are grateful.  Afternoons see us relaxing in the yard and chewing the cud in the sun.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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