Ann Howe’s Bad Hair Day

Hello Everyone.

I’ve just had one of those Bad Hair Days.  Couldn’t do a thing with it.

We had a visit from a very nice bunch of people at the weekend.  They wanted to meet us and take us for a lovely walk through the village and we’re always up for this.

Now, persuading us to enter our lovely new barn is very easy.  Wave a net of hay or even better a dipper of the tasty stuff and we all bundle in pretty pronto.

Great excitement breaks out, I can tell you, and it’s snouts in the trough when the new fresh food is offered.

I made a bit of a state of myself, I admit.  Yum, yum yum, and head first into the depths of the hay.  But I was asked to make myself available for haltering so I stood still whilst new best mate Harriet haltered me.  Apparently I looked a bit messy beforehand, but she soon cleaned me up and I was happy to be groomed.  My coat has a curl to it – it’s really very fine – and my sisters are normally quite jealous of my white and grey hair, so I was the butt of all their jokes which was a bit mean.

Harriet groomed me and removed the last of the hay and we were happy to have our picture taken.

Lovely trek, lovely people and lovely grub, hurrah!

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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