Moai takes a Hen Party for a trek

Hello Fans of the Llama!

I’ve just returned from a terrific trip out.  A ‘Hen Party’ came to our home and said they would like to be shown some pretty countryside.  Delighted to oblige we said.  So, the gang was gathered together in our feeding pen and the hens put our halters on us.  We showed the hens how to brush us and then we set off for our llama trek.

Brodgar decided to take up station at the back of the trekking string.  This is sensible as he’s such a good old chap, he knows what to do, and can oversee all the two-legs and make sure they don’t lag behind.  You need a good backstop on a trek.

A good front walker is also handy, and Tintagel often takes this role.  Her little sister Hazelton dotes on her and they walked off smartly showing everyone the way.

Me?  Well, I like to admire the scenery and I walk in third position and mooch along with my sisters Belas Knap and Ann Howe.  I really love it when we stop so I can have a good old look around the countryside.

Tintagel led us off the farm, down the hill and into the village.  Then, we climbed up to Ewyas Harold Common and the sun broke out and made everything look lovely.  I strode out with my nice two-legged companions and we got on really well.  People like to take pictures so I showed my best profile.  This is my left side as my right side still shows my sheared patch from my operation last year.  I look a bit mismatched in the flowing locks department.  Belas strode along, and her crimped coat blew in the breeze.

Everyone we met on our walk was very smiley and it’s great when people hail us as we stroll by.  People love llamas.

At home, we always have foodie treats.  Our people are fussy about not letting us eat on our walks.  They know what plants we have on the farm and where it is safe to eat.  They’re probably right as we might tuck in to something dodgy.  But, fresh, tasty greens on the farm are yummy and we all get very excited at the end of a trek.  Rollright wanted to see our brother Stanton Drew who had stayed behind to look after the crias, and their meeting across a five bar gate was quite touching.  A couple of softies, if you ask me!

All too soon our hens had to go.  They said good-bye.  We ate our cereal.  Priorities.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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