Stenness on the 2014 Christmas trek. First outing for the crias

First treks are very important.

It’s become a tradition at Golden Valley Llamas that the older llamas escort the crias on their first walk off the farm.  We’ve been doing this for several years, and today’s senior trekkers all took their first treks at Christmas.

The trick is to put out a request for as many two-legs as possible to descend on the farm and to be shown the ropes by us llamas.  It’s a bit tricky for the seniors as we have to oversee both people and the crias and you can never tell who will be bouncy and disobedient.  I’m pleased to report that all went smoothly.

I walked with a nice, sensible couple and I encouraged the little ones to relax, stay close to their mothers and to enjoy themselves.  It’s a very big world out there.

16 llamas left the farm and you can see Marden with her daughter young Mulfra Quoit here.  They were with experienced Fiona and Phil who were very kind.  Once, a car scared the little one and she ran up a bank, but Phil coaxed her down and she was happy to nuzzle up close to her mum.

Brave Carnac marched off and overtook his mother Long Meg.  ‘Come on, Mum’ he called to her and she trotted after him, making sure he didn’t go to far ahead.

Our youngest is Stonehenge who is just 5 months old and he was terrific.  He never left mother Hetty Pegler’s side.  She’s a sensible and calming mum.

Everyone was splendid and it stayed dry for our llama trek.  We toured Ewyas Harold and returned to Old King Street Farm where there was a large manger of the tasty stuff waiting for us.  We ate and drank and I’m told the two-legs did the same back in our peoples’ house.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon – the young ‘uns will be weaned later this month.

Pictures: thanks to Caroline Champion

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