Hetty’s Pegler’s son is born

This morning I gave birth to my second cria.  He’s a stony grey chap and he’s really strong.  See the pictures on the right – he’s 90 minutes old in them and he’s up and about and feeding from me – taking my lovely first milk.

I admit I kept the two legs waiting again and was quite late with this lad, but I know they’ll forgive me for holding on.  I wanted to be sure I was ready, and whilst I’ve been giving signs for the last three weeks, it was only 10 minutes before I started to give birth that it was really obvious that this wasn’t a false alarm.

I’d gone down to Home Field with the girls and had separated myself.  Only ol’ Two Leg spotted I’d started to give birth and it wasn’t till my cria’s head was out that the others realised and came bounding over.  It was an easy birth – really quick and after 10 minutes with just the nose showing, I pinged his legs out and the rest happened speedily.

Rubbed dry, nasty brown stuff put on his umbilical, up to the yard and rest in the sun.

I’ll let you have more news in a few days – we have three crias on the farm this summer, and Carnac, Mulfra Quoit and my boy will be running around together in a couple of days.  Brilliant.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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