Ann Howe on the Monmouthshire Show

I’ve just been to the Monmouthshire Show.  It was very big and very exciting.

My sisters Belas Knap, Tintagel and Hazelton and I travelled in our trailer and spent a whole day meeting people, walking in the ring and generally having a good ol’ look at people and their dogs.

We stood in our pen for a while and as it had been damp overnight we weren’t groomed for very long.  I met some very nice people who admired my hair which has a lovely crimp and sheen, and our people talked about why they live with llamas.

The organiser of the show wanted us to walk in the ring where our lovely female person talked about us and explained all our quirks, likes and habits.  They waited until it was raining hard and then we went in the ring.  We all got very wet as we paraded.  I don’t mind rain, it makes our food – lovely green grass – all the tastier.

After a short while it stopped raining so we left the ring and went back to our pen.  The sun came out and lots and lots of people came and talked to us.  Little people like to stroke our lovely fibre and I’m a gentle young llama so I spent a lot of time being stroked.

We like meeting people and our people love talking about us.  It was a lovely day.

Our people told us that next month we’ll be going to a Ball.  This is very exciting indeed, and we’ll tell you all about our plans for the Newbury Ball next time.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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