Brodgar Leads the 2017 Christmas Llama Trek

We always like our Christmas Trek and here I am showing everyone the way.  Yesterday thirteen llamas took the village’s guests around Ewyas Harold.  We gave a guided tour of the centre of the village – apple presses, pubs, chip shop, school, playground sports’ field, and the church and stream – before we trekked back up the hill to the farm to where Ringsbury and my sister Long Meg were eagerly awaiting our return.  Everyone had lots of mix and the hay nets kept us happy during the rest of the day. The two-legs had lots of nibbles and seasonal treats special reserved for people.

I walked at the front with Trefor and Sophie and all the youngsters came out with us.  Stenness was decorated with sparkly lights and matron Maes Howe came along to keep an eye on her kids, Moai, Ann Howe and Kilpeck Castle and her great kids Stonehenge and Loupin Stanes.

Trefor and Sophie seem to own a carrot farm as every time they visit they bring a sack of the freshest and tastiest veggie treats for me.  I’m their favourite so I get the most carrot slices.

My nephie Stan’s best mate Bronwyn came on the walk and took all the lovely photos.  Thanks Bronwyn.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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