Moai has returned from a Llama Trek

Hello, fans of the llama.  I thought you would like to know all about our llama trekking this Spring.  Well, actually, it’s not just a Spring activity, but we go out all year round in all weathers and really love seeing the changes to the fields through the year.  Now, don’t get me wrong, nobody loves the mud, but we have four legs and find it quite easy to stand upright on our walks.

I’ve been out lots already this year as our people bring guests into the yard several times a week to meet us.  After a minute in which we assess the two-leg and confirm it isn’t the worst person in the world (the shearer) or the second worst person in the world (the doctor), we generally mooch about and surround the trekking party to say hello.  We all have our own traits.  Ringsbury likes to stay in his chariot with some hay, but me, well I like to check the two-legs out over the shoulder of our person.  So he will be yakking on about llama lore when Bing! I pop up behind him and rub the side of my face on his shoulder.  He likes to pretend it’s love, but really it’s just an itch.

We have had good hay throughout the wet Winter, but now the grass is greening up and is very tasty, so bribing us with hay will not be so easy for the next few months.  Of course, when the mix comes out then it’s all snouts to the trough and we dive head first is to put the delicious stuff away.

We ‘Stand’ for our new mates and let them put our halters on.  We wear these so the poor ol’ two legs have something to hang onto on the walk otherwise I expect they would get lost.

Ewyas Harold is lovely and all the people we pass stand and watch as we stride past.  If they have those yappy little things wearing collars with them we give them a jolly good eyeful, but we pass on and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding hills.  The hawthorn has just kicked off and the delicate green shoots look delicious but our people don’t like us eating on our walks as it makes us ‘Naughty’ which is very unfair.  We are enthusiasts for the tasty stuff but have come to an understanding with our people so that we have two lots of reward when we are back home.  Here we have fresh grass and nibbly shoots and once our halters are removed we have cereal.  If we are lucky there may be some hay in the manger and here you can see me about to tuck in to last year’s grass.

All too soon our friends have to leave but they wave to us from the gate whilst we shrug and go on with our eating.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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