Silbury enjoys the Jubilee


A large party of us were asked to join in the village celebrations this week.


What this involves is lots of people wearing bright colours (red, white and blue) and walking through the village to the playing field where there were lots of shows and stalls and events for people to enjoy.


Our people decided to parade seven of us, and the best part of it was that I was allowed to walk at the head of my personal entourage.  Stanton Drew, Brodgar, Rollright, Moai, Stenness and Croft Ambrey were all made to look daft by wearing Union Jack bowties round their necks.  Being a discerning llama of some distinction I didn’t have to dress up in this ridiculous gear and I was pleased to step out at the head of my herd and lead the boys through the village.


We had already led our people and their friends down to Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall where all the floats were gathered, and we posed for photos for our fans.  Then, off, and being put in the very responsible position of controlling the Jubilee trek from the rear I led my team as we marched smartly through the village.  By the time we reached the bridge there was quite of crowd making a lot of noise.  People (usually small two-legs) were blowing trumpets and whistles and it was all very noisy, but the chaps did very well.  Sensible old stager Stenness was at the rear and with me at the front the team was perfectly book-ended.


We took a tour of the village and turned past the school and down to the Church.  Then, onto the recreation ground and after taking a promenade around the show ring we decided to let our people show us to our pen for the afternoon.


So much excitement!  And lots of very nice people came up to see us.  Doing anything different can be a challenge and the day had so much that was new to us all.  None of the 7 of us had ever walked all the way to the Memorial Hall before and there was so much traffic on the way there.  Some people drive far too fast past four legs – why not take a more llama-like view and relax?  Slower paced to enjoy the view – that’s the way.


Then all the noise of the parade – I follow a float with young two-legs blowing their hooters and I didn’t mind a bit.  When we reached the bridge you can see us all turning to the side to see a smart horse who had joined the procession.  Horses normally don’t have two-legs sitting on them, but this one did and it was a bit strange for the youngsters to see this.  Why would an animal need six legs?  Perhaps the two-leg was just tired?


There were loads of dogs on the recreation ground, but their people were well behaved and kept the mutts on leads – sensible people.


We really enjoyed our Jubilee Day.  Lots of fun for the boys (despite the bowties, hah hah – Stanton Drew’s was particularly large) and we met so many two legs who were really interested in knowing more about us.  Ewyas Harold is a great place to live.


At the end of the day we led our people home again.  I told a very interested Avebury and Ringsbury about the afternoon – they’d stayed behind to look after the girls who are due to give birth shortly.


A lovely and unusual day.  I was delighted the lads did so well.


More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon.


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