Ringsbury Takes a Bath

It comes to us all eventually, but I have reached the ripe old age of 19 and am beginning to slow down. Unfortunately this means I’ve got a really bad case of grandpa dribble!  I’ve not lost my teeth, but have a damaged nerve in my face and can’t close my mouth properly. So all that bolas juice from cudding my food, slowly drips out and down my front.

‘Yuk!’ say the younger llamas, ‘why does old Ringsbury have to dribble like that – he smells!’

‘Show some respect!’ say the older ones, ‘he can’t help it’.

The Two-Legs toyed with the idea of a bib, but I just don’t think I’ll keep it on.

So, doctor Kate said to my people ‘you’re going to have to give him a wash down every now and again’.  (Hearing this, Stan hid in the trailer and only peeked out as he thought doc was here for him).

I had the Two-Legs rinse me down with a bucket of warm water and brush away the icky bits and towel me down so I was nice and dry.

I rather enjoyed the whole process – I like a bit of attention – hopefully the young llamas won’t say nasty things about me now I’m sweet smelling, for the moment anyway!

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