Maes Howe’s Diary



Further news 01-06-08

My cria Croft Ambrey is an excitable little thing.  He`s over two weeks
old now and he changes daily. Sometimes he runs off at great speed and
arcs around the field, before coming back to be near me.  He doesn`t
spend all his time with me and it is well known that llama aunties are
the greatest of help in the herd. They can teach him useful things and
even though he isn`t eating grass or leaves yet, he practices eating
when we`re all in the field.

The first time he went into Home Field he climbed the hill with Aunt
Callanish, and the next morning Uncles Brodgar and Stenness paid him
close attention.  I let the herd know very early on that I wouldn`t
tolerate any messing with my boy, and as soon as I saw Ringsbury walking
up to Croft Ambrey I spat at our herd leader.  I`ve never spat at anyone
in my life before, but this was a useful warning shot.

It`s quite funny watching Silbury and Croft Ambrey too, because Silbury
can`t make out the little one and sometimes submits to him, which makes
me chuckle.

After a long day of exploring, checking out plants, fences, aunties and
uncles, a young llama can be quite tired, and preparing to go to sleep
in the yard with his mum is probably all he really wants to do.


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