Maes Howe introduces article by Tiger Smith

Now, it is often said that llamas and cats don’t mix.  But we recently had a visit from a chap called Tiger and we got on really well.  Tiger tells you about his visit here.


A Day Out With the Llamas


A group of South Herefordshire dads have created a website called `Days Out With Dad` for children to have “a day out with dad” on weekends.


On Sunday, September 15th these dads organised a group event at Ewyas Harold (which is a really weird name for a place) where there is a Llama farm which does Llama trekking. So my dad took me along.


It may sound like it but Llama trekking doesn`t involve riding on the Llamas because they don`t have the strength to carry a human. However the trekking does involve first putting a restraint called a halter on them, secondly grooming them with a brush, then after that taking them for a walk round a field and back, and lastly feeding the Llamas.


When I arrived we watched the Llamas over a fence while the people who owned the farm (who were called Amanda and Robert) told us the Llamas` names and facts about them. Then we all went into the barn but one didn`t want to go in so Amanda used a massive rope to herd him in. After the Llamas had eaten some food (namely hay) Robert showed us how to put the halter on them and one by one each of the families chose a Llama and the father of each family attached the halter. However when it was our turn I was allowed to put the halter on my Llama myself, she was called Maes Howe (Maisie for short). Then we were all given a brush and I groomed Maisie.


Once everybody had groomed the Llamas we set off on a walk through lots of fields and it was really fun. Then we came to a small obstacle course and one at a time we all led each Llama round the course, sadly though my Llama was wanting to go back to her babies so we couldn’t do the course but once everyone else had done it we all went back up to the barn and fed the Llamas some special food.


Altogether I had a great time at the Llama farm.


Written by Tiger Smith



More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon


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