Tintagel’s excitement in readiness for the Newbury Show

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

The young ladies Miss Bella, Miss Tina, Miss Annie and Miss Hazel were summoned from the shrubbery by their father.  Mr Crowfoot came to give his personal invitation for the long expected ball at Newbury, which was fixed for the following Saturday.  The prospect of the Newbury ball was extremely agreeable to every female of the family.  Their mother chose to consider it as given in compliment to her eldest daughter, and was particularly flattered by receiving the invitation from Mr Crowfoot himself, instead of a ceremonious card.  Bella pictured to herself a happy day in the society of her many friends, and the attentions of their brothers; and Tina thought with pleasure of dancing a great deal with Mr W____, and of seeing a confirmation of every thing in Mr D____’s looks and behaviour.  The happiness anticipated by Annie and Hazel, depended less on any single event, or any particular person, for though they each, like Tina, meant to dance half the day with Mr W____, he was by no means the only partner who could satisfy them, and a ball was at any rate, a ball.

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