Tintagel tells us about the Hestercombe Christmas Fayre

Hello Fans of the Llama,

Part of me went to a Christmas Fayre at the weekend with the Two-Legs.

You know the Dreaded Hairdresser visits us to take all our lovely locks off and our Female Person spins and weaves our fibre?  Well, it’s soft and gorgeous (especially mine!) and she makes cushions, and rugs and bolsters for other Two-Legs to give one another which is very nice.

I was in pride of place of course as I’m clever enough to have won prizes for my consistent slate-grey coat.  (As you will also know prizes are never useful and tasty things like sacks of carrots, but are usually mouldy ‘ol rosettes – Big Yawn – but it keeps our Two Leg happy, so I ‘spose that’s ok).

Anyway, back to Hestercombe where I was the star of the show.  We’d given up lots of fibre and over the last few months our Female has been spinning this and turning it into lovely cushions and rugs.  They’re so soft!!  People loved to feel our coats and so many people stood around and watched as our Person spun my wool as it’s such a clever thing to do.

Golden Valley Llamas had a lovely stand full of all the goodies our clever Female makes.  She’s told me she has updated our Llama Products page on the website so check this for Christmas present ideas for the llama lover in your life!

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon


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