Tintagel tells us about her father Pharaoh being sheared in far off Norfolk

There was a trip away from the farm for the Two Legs this week.  They went to see my good old father, Pharaoh, and were there when he had a visit from his hairdresser.

Pharaoh now lives in far off Norfolk and the travelling barber tours the country giving beautiful coiffures to llamas on many farms.  There’s Pharaoh with his Two Leg, Tina in the picture on the right.

I’ve been sheared before, and to be honest, it’s not the greatest experience of a llama’s life.  We are held in a special way by the assistant and the shearer does his work, moving the noisy, clattery clippers along our coats to remove it.  We allow this because we are:

a) well behaved llamas who always do as our people ask;

b) aware that having a short coat is so much better in a hot summer.

Colin the Cropper removed my Dad’s coat and our people took some pictures which I have shown to the gang so they can see what to expect when Colin is here next month.

To make sure Pharaoh didn’t move around too much the assistant held his ears quite lightly.  They weren’t twisted, but held gently and Pharaoh was very accepting.  You can see the progress of the shearing – it is pretty quick – and immediately after being released, Pharaoh stands beautiful, tall and proud again.

Back on our farm, I’m getting the girls ready for a trek this afternoon, and tomorrow the young lads will go out with a family staying on the farm.  Then, Monday sees us going to a show and we’ll tell you all about that next week.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas at the North Somerset Show soon

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