Tintagel queues for Breakfast

Morning Fans,

I thought you’d like to know about our feeding regime.

We have free and regular access to one of our fields.  In Spring and Summer the grass is lush and green and very, very tasty.  It’s full of goodness and most of our fields are bordered by hedges with hazel (yum), rose (yum), blackthorn (yum), maple (yum), hawthorn (yum) and bramble (also yum) in them.

But when the days are getting shorter the grass isn’t so good and the ol’ Two Legs put nets of hay out for us.  It’s a bit of a Bunfight at the OK Corrall and we chase around as the nets are tied up in places around the yard.

Often we are given cereal and as we can get particularly excited our people tease us by not letting us into the barn till all the nosh has been doled out.

As you can see, I was at the back of the herd when we spotted our person making his way to the gate to the barn.  ‘What’s up?’ we thought and I pretty quickly bundled my way to the front so I’d have a good view as all the mix was put out for us.  That’s me next to my Mum Long Meg at the gate.

And the gate was opened and we bolted in.  All is right with the world.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

Thanks for the pictures by Sharon Stevens

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