Tintagel on her Love of Tennis

A funny thing happened yesterday when out of the blue I took a call from some very nice people who wanted to pick my brains on Wimbledon and the tennis going on at the mo.  It’s always been my sport (strictly spectator!) and I love watching the ball being wacked across the net, or a delicate drop shot plopping into court to win a point.  My people and I often sit down to watch a match on the box.

My knowledge is pretty good and I keep up with all the players and as people know about this I was pleased to be interviewed on the wireless this week about Mr Andy Murray’s tennis match with Herr Dustin Brown.  I felt it pretty likely that Mr Murray would comfortably win his match yesterday, but the jolly radio presenter, a two-leg called Roman (I expect he has a splendid llama nose) thought Mr Murray might lose a set.  I put him right on that and told him quite emphatically that Mr Murray would win by three sets to love.

How do I communicate my views, I hear you ask?  Well, if I am asked a question, I waggle my ears!  One twitch for yes and two twitches for no.  So:

‘Will Andy Murray win today?’


‘Will Andy Murray win in four sets?’

‘Twitch, twitch’

‘Will Andy Murray win in three sets?’


Now, I am to appear on the wireless again tomorrow to put forward my predictions of how Mr Murray will perform against Signor Fabio Fognini.  I must study the form and the weather forecast and make my prediction on Roman’s breakfast show on Capital FM.  I wonder if I will be right…..?


I predict a straight sets victory for Mr Murray today…..


Mr Murray was affected by his injured hip and Signor Fognini played very well, and I was pleased to see Mr Murray win in four sets.

I will be called on to predict the result of the next match against Monsieur Benoit Paire on Capital FM on Monday

10-07-17 (My fifth birthday)

My prediction on Roman Kemp`s radio show today is a straights victory for Mr Murray with no tie breaks

Let us see…


Mr Murray won his match against Monsieur Paire in straight seets, though Monsieur Paire did take Mr Murray to a tie break in the first set. Thereafter Mr Murray took command as I felt he would.

Tomorrow I make my prediction for the match between Mr Murray and Mr Sam Querrey. Tune in to Capital FM`s breakfast show with Roman Kemp to see what I forecast….


One twitch from my left ear says Mr Murray will win today, but I say no with two twitches when asked if Mr Murray will win in straight sets.

`Will Andy Murray win in four sets, Tintagel?`


My prediction on Capital FM is for Mr Murray to win three sets to one. I look forward to watching the game


Injury meant Mr Murray was unable to compete with the very good Mr Querrey yesterday and I think it`s time I hung up my tennis racket for another year

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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