Tintagel and the Girls take the Low Road

I’m a strong llama and I know my mind.  Bossing a llama trek from the front is no problem for me and unlike my soft sisters Ann Howe and Hazelton I love being out on my own.  I stride along and look over the hedges at the sheep and pheasants and enjoy meeting everyone as I take my New Year’s trek.

This year I nudged our people telling them I’d like to see what was along the Low Road on the Common.  We usually turn off the road before we reach the end and I wanted to know what was there.  So, I marched off with Sophie and my drippy sisters followed on behind.

Young Loupin isn’t a drip.  In fact, I’ll have to watch her as she is a strong little minx and I don’t want her taking over my senior role; have to put her in her place if she gets too pushy…

I walked with Sophie and Trefor walked with wet Hazelton.  Our female person was with wet Ann Howe and our male person took Loopy Lou out.  Loupin is a bouncy, bubbly, not so little thing, and put her together with an icy hill and a llama trek and everyone is bound to have fun.

Around the llama grid.  Pose for my picture – Say ‘Hay’ says our person.  So I say ‘Hay’ but am not allowed to eat – what sort of a deal is that?  Then along the Low Road.  It’s very pretty.  There are clumps of soppy mistletoe on the old apple trees on the hillside, and we can look all the way up the Dulas valley.  A lovely, cold and sunny day and the views are spectacular.

‘Hay’, so I pose again!  ‘Hay’, and again!!  Right, that’s it!!!  I’m hungry and I’d like some food now, so back along the Low Road, down the hill, past the Church and back to our farm.  Green grass to graze – Good-o – and more importantly lots of mix and a bite or two of hay.  Well, it had been promised all through the morning, and a girl’s got to eat hasn’t she?  So I tucked in and then real joy as carrot slices were given to us.  Brilliant!  Trefor and Sophie can visit again if they’re going to give me carrots every visit.

I’m a strong-willed girl and know my own mind, but you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?

More news from the Golden Valley Llamas herd soon

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