Tenbury Wells’ Diary


Hello everybody,


My name is Tenbury Wells and I’m the youngest of all the llamas at Old King Street Farm.  I haven’t written to you before.  That’s me on the right with my white lead rope and dazzling orange halter.  Because I’m growing quite quickly, I’ll need to have my halter changed soon, and I hope I can have a softer colour.  I think a mid-green would offset my fibre rather nicely.  Maybe I’ll ask my people for one.


You can see me on a llama trek through the orchards at the farm and I’m trotting along happily behind three-year old Davy and his mum, Bea.  In the background is one of the features of our historical village.  As you can see I’m a willing little walker and not causing anyone any trouble.


Here’s a picture of my good friend Maes Howe.  Robbie was taking her on the walk when she was distracted by the camera and planted her feet firmly in the ground.  She soon walked on though, because as everyone says, she’s the sweetest llama. 


Now, in the background you can see Long Meg going through her paces training for Strictly Come Dancing with her dance partner, Laura.  I think this is called a pirouette, and they seem to be carrying it off nicely.


The last entry in ‘A Llama Writes’ was written by my half-brother Silbury.  He was a bit cheeky about our cousin the camel and he received a letter in his nosebag from a Dr Kamel Omedary pointing out that camels were really quite handsome and that Silbury shouldn’t say they are ugly beasts.  Well Silbury couldn’t care less of course, and I don’t think Dr Omedary has changed his mind on that score.


It has been very wet recently, and we’ve been spending more of our time in the barn and yard.  The hard surface is better for our feet, and walking around on this helps keep our toenails in shape.  As well as hay, and a regular handful of our mix, we can sometimes find treats such as ash seeds on the trees and teasel heads.  Teasel looks a bit like a thistle and it would hurt a person to touch it, but we llamas with our tough mouths and skin manage to chew the teasel heads happily.  Variety in our diet is great and we’ve been trying out some rosemary we were given by our people the other day.  It’s a bit pungent, but tasty and has a good texture.


More llama chat soon…


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