Stonehenge with Carnac and Kilpeck takes a sunny trek and helps rescue a lamb

Hello Again,

We are having tremendous weather and it’s so lovely that lots of two-legs want to see us.  Today, Kilpeck, Carnac and I took a wonbderful trek with Hannah and Vicky.  They were very nice to us and gave us a bit of a groom before we set off.

Very early on we had an interesting experience when we found a little lamb the wrong side of it’s farm gate.  Being a daft little cria it had shimmied over the bars in search of adventure and couldn’t work out what to do to get back to Mum.  Well, we could all tell who was matched with whom as mother and cria had a great, big ‘40’ written on their sides in bright, bright red.  It would be a bit insulting for a llama cria to be marked in this way, you understand as we are really smart, but sheep, well, they aren’t exactly the sharpest witted beings I’ve encountered…..Our person captured the cria, returned it to the field where it made a bee line for mum and good warm milk.  Boy, was it hungry!

On up onto the Common with my elder bro Carnac leading the way for the first time.  He’s not a natural in front, but I thought he did very well and by the time we’d climbed to the cattle grid he was on fine form and walking well in lead position.  Kilpeck and I kept swapping positions as we couldn’t make up our minds who would be best in second place and who should be at the back.

The ground is starting to dry out, but there are still muddy sections and this means we have to vault over little brooks and squishy bits.  With a little coaxing we plucked up courage to sail over any hazards – it’s good training for the llama shows and my Hannah and Kilpeck’s Vicky loved it when we took off and flew.

There we lots of walkers out and everything was very jolly indeed.  I had to chuckle to myself when a passer-by said to our person that Carnac would look much better when he was groomed.  Seeing as Carnac had just had a ten minute brush down, I think our person was a bit miffed.

Each sunny day the grass is shooting and in just a very few days it’s come on no end, so back on the farm, we were straight onto the tasty green stuff.  And then cereal – Hurrah – and the rest of the herd were excluded whilst just we three ate, ho ho.  We let Ringsbury and the others have some bonus mix eventually, but made sure we had all we wanted first.

Tomorrow Brodgar and Stanton Drew will take the Church congregation on the annual Palm Sunday procession round the village.  Should be fun and they will hope to see you there.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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