Stonehenge tells of success at the North Somerset Agricultural Show

Apparently I’m a Star

I really didn’t know what was happening on Monday when our people put us in a wagon and took us on a long journey.  When me ‘n’ Carnac got there we were pleased to see sisters Mulfra Quoit, Hazelton and Tintagel there too.

We stood in pens and were brushed quite a lot.  Me ‘n’ Carnac have been out in the field for weeks without grooming and I’d forgotten about the brushing our people like to do.

This was called a ‘Show’ and was in Somerset.  There were more llamas at the Show than I’ve ever seen, but I am only 9 months old and haven’t seen lots of llamas.  It was wonderful.  So exciting.

Me ‘n’ Carnac walked around for a bit and a very nice lady called a ‘Judge’ gave me a huge blue rosette for being a Star.  Carnac got a red rosette for being a Star too, though apparently he’s a lesser Star than me.

Lovely sister Mulfra Quoit walked around for a bit and got a huge blue rosette.  She’s a Star too.

And gorgeous Hazelton also got a huge blue rosette for being a Star.

What was funny was that older sis Tintagel went all clucky all over the place – I think it’s ‘cos she’s a girl and there were lots of boys around.  But lovely lady Judge still liked Tintagel so she had a huge blue rosette for being a Star too.

All four of us Blue Rosette wearing Stars had to walk up and down again (I left lesser Star Carnac in our pen) and clever sis Hazelton got a new Red Giant of a Star because she was the Reserve Champion of the whole llama show.  Brilliant.

And then Carnac was allowed out again to be given another of his lesser red rosettes to Mulfra Quoit’s huge blue rosette as she has the best coat.  Cor.  Didn’t we do well?

I then got tired and had to lie down and have a nap.  Then we went home.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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