Stonehenge takes a Birthday Llama Trek

Hello Llama Lovers,

We have just returned from a trek in the glorious Spring sunshine.

My new best mate Karen and her friends came to see us and we were very happy to show them Ewyas Harold Common.  Birthday treats are a very good idea and when we have lovely weather a walk in the country is just the best thing, ever.

Karen haltered me, and as it was her special day she was allowed to walk with me.  Well I am officially the best gelding llama in the country and that means working or trekking llama, so it was only right she walk with me.  I like showing guests all we have to offer – there are anemones and violets out at the moment and the yellow celandines are so bright in the sun.  On the trees the early willow catkins are out and they look pretty tasty, but the rule is ‘no eating on the trek’ which is a bit of a bore, but we have to obey (usually).

Rollright led us off through the village and soon we were on the hill up to the common with Kilpeck trotting along ahead of me.  He’s a good chap and Michelle and he had a rare old time.  His fleece is so fine he had lots of strokes on the neck.

Karen and I were just behind Kilpeck and my bro Carnac was close up behind me with Simon.  Carnac is a soppy thing and he really wanted to be in the ‘safest’ place which is the middle position, so I let him walk third in line.

Big Stanton Drew and Michael brought up the rear.  It’s a funny thing with us llamas.  Our characters are different of course, but we react in different ways depending on where we are in the string.  At the back, Stan took all his responsibilities ever so seriously.  He was brilliant.  Stan held back a few yards and was able to assess how we were progressing, but most importantly he was able to check undergrowth for dangerous wild animals like shrews, mice, rabbits, blackbirds and finches.  Nothing very serious disturbed us and we strolled along at a gentle pace.

Up on the top of the common the ponies stood and stared as we walked on by.  We interest them and they took a break from grazing to watch our party.

At this time of the year the trees don’t obscure the view of the village and it’s quite spectacular looking down onto Ewyas Harold and across to the motte and bailey castle across the way.

We had a lovely time with our new friends and once they had fed us it was time to say goodbye.

More news from the Golden Valley Llamas herd soon

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