Stanton Drew’s Diary – Stanton Drew is gelded


I doze. I don’t feel all there. If I felt normal I’d be up and at the manger. But I lie down, my head in my female person’s lap. A towel lies over my eyes. I rumble. My doctor is with me, but I can’t see her. She’s working away underneath my tail which my male person is holding out of the way. There is no pain, but I’ve never felt like this before. Instinct says ‘stand up!’ but I’m unable to so I just lie cradled by my dear female.


I hear talking but it washes over me: ‘routine operation’, ‘good boy, Stanton Drew, good boy’, ‘gelding’, and ‘a couple of stitches’, and I’m dimly aware of my beloved Uncle Brodgar being concerned on my behalf. I hear him pawing at the bucket of disinfectant until he knocks it over.


I only wince when my cords are cut and otherwise I drowse and lie still, confused, but not distressed.


Quite quickly I become more aware. My operation is over and doc and the nurses stand up so I do too. I know I’m hungry, I haven’t eaten for a day, and something tells me the boys are eating hay on the other side of the barn. I rise and gingerly, unsteadily, make my way to the manger. I eat. Hay is good.


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