Stanton Drew talks about a Leap Year Llama Trek

Ladies!  It’s that day that only occurs once every four years when tradition allows you to propose to the Llama Love of your Life.

We’ve just had a lovely visit from eight ladies who all fell for us and who all wanted us to be their Beau or Belle.

It is a lovely sunny day and the Common was as glorious as ever.  We skirted the puddles and dodged the hail showers and had a lovely time.

Brodgar led us off and Moai and Rollright were usually near the front of the walk.  Hazelton and Ann Howe walked in the middle and Kilpeck Castle and I brought up the rear for most of the walk.

The one who thought she had a roaming brief was my sister Tintagel who couldn’t make up her mind whether she wanted to be at the head of the walk, somewhere in the middle or at the back of the line.  At one point she was at the back and realised she didn’t like being there so she trotted right to the front with her lady gamely keeping up.

This is sensible, sometimes we change our minds, but most of us have a particular position we like to stick to and Tintagel told me that she’s thought about it, and actually she would rather be near the front and that I could supervise from the back!

I like the role of back marker.  It is a responsible one.  I made sure no-one strayed from the path, and I kept a look-out for stray pumas.  I did a very good job.  No pumas came near us.

We walked past the Church on the way back.  It’s lovely with all the bulbs in the village and the churchyard and stream are so Spring-like.

The grass in front of the house is very lush and green and as a post-trek treat we were allowed to munch on the tasty stuff.  Then, back to the barn where we showed our ladies how to take our halters off.  We had cereal and two-leg and four-leg spent time relaxing in the yard together.

Our lovely ladies wanted to take us home with them and there was a discussion about how to get eight llamas in two cars.  Someone said that each car would have two in the front and two in the back which is pretty obvious really.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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