Stanton Drew attends the Ewyas Harold Arts Festival

Over the last three days we’ve been down at the village arts festival where we met lots of people.  The two legs hitched up the ol’ chariot and drove us there in style.  On Saturday, uncle Stenness took Carnac, Stonehenge and Kilpeck Castle, whilst on Sunday Maes Howe spent the day with Tintagel, Ann Howe and Loupin Stanes.  I had the whole of Monday with uncle Brodgar and my brothers Rollright and Moai and I had a great time.

It was sunny all the time and people stood around our pen to learn all about us.  Our female person spent a lot of her time at her spinning wheel.  We often see her spinning our lovely coats and she makes cushions and rugs to sell so that she can then buy me some hay and tasty mix.  I overheard her talking about the visit of the barber who is coming in a couple of weeks – oo-er…

I asked if I could have a look at the hall, and Brod and I stepped out nicely and took up a prime position in the hall.  Everything looked very splendid and lots of people reached for their phones to take our photos.  Someone said ‘he’s a very handsome chap’ and I’m pretty sure they meant me and not Brod.

Back at the pen, I was pleased to see our good friends Bron and Trev who arrived with a bag of tasty carroty slices.  I sat down and allowed Trev to feed me carrot.  Of course, Moai got all excited and barged around trying to get more than his fair share, but it was no more than I would expect of him.

We had a lovely time and have returned home to Old King Street Farm to enjoy our days in the sun.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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