Silbury’s Diary

I hate the shearer! Can you believe it? There is someone out there worse than the vet! The llama shearer has been and tortured me and shaved off my gorgeous russet locks. What happened was the two-legs called in the llama torturer because they’re mean. So, whilst his assistant twisted my ears – I ask you – he spent time cutting my fleece off. I didn’t know what was happening, and I thought I was being killed. I was so scared I pee’d and spent 8 minutes howling. Why do this to a llama? The two legs say we’ll feel better in the hot weather and they want my fleece to make rugs out of.

Everyone knows I’m a highly strung lad and whilst the others were all OK, our people decided to shear me last, as they thought I might kick up a stink. TOO RIGHT. I hated the shearer so much, at least my people promised me they’d never ever shear me again. Huh! Believe that when I see it.

AND I’ve just lost my protective coat and I’ve gone and cut my neck when I leaned over the fence – no guard hairs you see!

Our people do do strange things sometimes. Anyway, I suppose I’ll forgive them (but not the shearer) and it does feel a bit better in the hot sun.

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