Silbury’s Diary 2

Hello Everyone,

I remember a funny story from earlier this year.  That so-called ‘herd leader’ Ringsbury was out strolling on a track with Avebury and our people on a llama trek when he saw eight sheep in a field.  They trotted towards him and he got scared and called out our distinctive llama alarm call.  What a baby!  Apparently he mistook the flock of sheep (baa baa) for a pack of dogs (woof woof).  I teased him about this later and he was very embarrassed.  He claimed the setting sun was in his eyes and that the sheeps’ noise was very dog-like.  Back in the field, he was very keen to be close to our people who had soothed him and made him more relaxed.  They’re a couple of softies too – if it was up to me, I’d have told him to stop being so stupid and act like a grown-up llama.  As I have told you before, I am actually the senior llama here, but Ringsbury is a big boy, and if wants to be called herd leader, then that’s fine with me.  When he’s not looking I manage to keep the others in order anyway.

A llama’s alarm call is an interesting noise.  People say it sounds most like the call a strangled peacock makes, but how they’d know….


Look, the question we most often hear people ask is ‘Do they spit’, and I don’t have a problem saying ‘yes’.  Llamas do spit, but this is confined to disputes within the herd.  I mean, only the other day Long Meg got a bit to close too Doll Tor at the manger, so…Spit.

Yesterday the brothers Stenness and Brodgar had a discussion over personal space in the field and after both had failed to resolve the situation amicably, the conversation went something like this:

Brodgar ‘Spit’,

Stenness ‘Spit’,

Brodgar ‘Spit’,

Stenness ‘Spit’

and that resolved it – five seconds and it’s all over.  Splendid!

Now, I think the reason people keep asking this question is because we are camelids.  Camelids – Camel, oh right!  Now camels REALLY spit.


Let me show you.  On the right is a handsome animal – Me

And below is an ugly animal – Camel

Handsome – Me

Ugly – Camel

Late summer on the farm and the grazing is still good, though we’re eating more hay now.  Avebury is munching his way through the sloes on the bushes – nasty bitter things – enough to make any two-leggeds who try them spit.  See, not just a four-legged trait!

More llama chat soon

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