Silbury assesses the characters of the Golden Valley Llama herd


Llamas are clever – so clever that we all have our distinctive personalities and traits.  Some llamas are very happy with two-leg interaction and some want a bit more personal space.

If I were to step back, be a fly on the llama barn, and assess all our characters I’d say the following about us:



I am brilliant in everything I do.…







Ringsbury is an obedient llama, follows the rules our people set us, knows right and wrong.  Keen to please our people, so-called herd leader.  Biddable but strong.  Ugly as sin (but our female two-leg thinks he’s handsome and loves him, the softy)












Avebury: ‘loves his food’ is what he would like me to say, but ‘greedy’ fits better, claustrophobic when enclosed and hums in the barn and on llama treks, argues with his brother Brodgar, tufty ears which are a hoot.  The best coat of all the llamas










Brodgar: quite clever, alert, independent, paws at feed buckets when he wants food, paws at gates when he wants to try a new field, took over from me as lead walker on llama treks when I was promoted to be the llama in charge at the back of the string.  Bit of a Mini-me



Stenness: willing, most easily trained, show jumper and agility performer, gentle, pack-carrying.  Lovable trekker who likes to be in the middle of the string, has been known to naughtily nibble snacks en route.  Good mentor.











Croft Ambrey: mature, firm, strong, needs loving persuasion to help over obstacles. regular trekker  The first-born on the farm and has a special place in the two-legs’ hearts.









Maes Howe: eats the two-legs’ wooden office which makes them grumpy, not the prettiest, excellent matron, loved by our female two-leg.  Mother of Croft Ambrey, Hetty Pegler and Moai.















Long Meg: Wide and wild-eyed, very clever, a bit more of a laissez faire mum, concerned every time she sees the farm cats – tap dances on them, yet somehow cleverly misses actually hitting them.  Mother of Stanton Drew and Rollright.













Stanton Drew: suddenly matured and an increasingly impressive young male.  Has been mentored very well by Brodgar (whom he idolises) and is taking over lead position on our treks.  Clucks at the stud (which I approve of) then tries to be friendly to him (which I don’t)













Hetty Pegler is a young female who used to play with her brother Stanton Drew when they were growing up, but is now part of the female breeding herd, holder of the official ‘Prettiest Llama’ title.  If the two-legs stroke her, she strokes them back with her mobile neck.










Marden  My niece and a really rather special girl.  Overcome by her hormones recently when she pinged over the fence into the stud’s field, but she wants to be a mother, so who am I to criticise her?  Going through her first moult.  Good friends with her half sister Hetty Pegler





Rollright  Young male llama, therefore irritates me. Has to be put in his place on occasion.  Has taken to Ringsbury and follows him round the field.












Moai  Young male llama, therefore irritates me.  However, quite independent and will be a very strong trekker.  Only llama on the farm with two big blocks of colour on him, one white and one brown






Pharaoh  Cor!  I hate that stud llama.  He patrols the fence line and is so ‘high and mighty’.  He thinks he rules the farm, well I don’t think so!  And he gets special treatment – tasty pears and apples off the tree when I’m not looking.  Cor!






Herd leader Ringsbury adds: Silbury is clever, vain, enjoys a trek, disdainful of young ‘uns, and a rule-breaker.  A naughty boy, you wouldn’t want him any different would you? And the holder of the official ‘Most Handsome Llama’ title which he makes sure we all know about.


More from the Golden Valley Llama herd at Old King Street Llama Farm soon.


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