Rollright takes a sunny trek with Emily and Tim

Yesterday Stanton Drew, Moai and I took a stroll out with our mates Tim and Emily.  Beautiful countryside, great two-legged friends, and lovely weather for a llama trek.

Tim and Emily arrived at our farm where we were waiting to take them for a walk.  They greeted us, and the kids pushed to the front of the gang to say hello.  Little Mulfra is very lovely and very keen to meet new people and she gave Tim and Emily a good sniffing.  Ann Howe joined in as well and we gradually crowded around and had a close look at our new trekking friends.

Our male person called us in to our pen with a tasty treat called Camelibra.  We like this and it’s good for us.  Everyone had some nibbles.  Tim and Emily were shown how they should put our halters on and then we were brushed with soft brushes.

I think good ol’ Brodgar wanted to come with us – he’s a really enthusiastic trekking lad, but us young ‘uns are taking over more and more treks now.  No, Brod is being reserved for the v. special task of trekker training which he’s brilliant at.  This week, Carnac and Stonehenge will be taken aside by Brod and (literally) shown the ropes.  Expect a report from him later.

Our trek proceeded through the long grass of the run by Cottage Field and out onto the road to the village.  Tim and I walked in the middle with Emily and Mo at the back.  The village was quiet and we strolled past the school and turned up the road to the Common.  Delightful as ever up there, and as I hadn’t been there for a bit, I noticed the ferns were really shooting up.  We mustn’t eat fern as it’s bad for us, but that doesn’t stop us looking.  There are terrific views all around and it’s very handy that we have such a good field of vision – it’s important to spot the dogs and their people so we can stand aside and let them pass.

Our friends the Exmoor ponies were there and we stopped for a good long look.  What happens is that our people and we stand about 15 paces away from the horses who all line up side by side and look at us.  They sniff the air and we look haughty and tall.  That’s pretty much it, really; see another animal and Stand Tall so you don’t look like prey and all weedy.

The Common is brilliant.  It’s so Green!

We came back home via the Church, past the pubs and chip shop and said hello to a few people nearby.  Speeding up on the return journey, we know we have tasty snacks from the ‘Post Trekking Hedge’ and so we pulled our two-legged friends up the hill.

Tim and Emily said goodbye and we mooched off to the field to rejoin all the girls and Brodgar.  We spent the rest of the day sunbathing – flat out on our sides in the warm June sun.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon

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