Ringsbury’s Ruminations – a visit to a residential home



Being top llama at Old King Street Farm it’s only right I check out new activities for the llamas. With this in mind, I had my people take me to a residential home just up the road. I wanted to see the old folks and they wanted to see me.


Stenness came too, but naturally I had the senior role and whilst our Golden Boy was the centre of attention – pats on the neck, feeling of the fibre, and partaking of the delicious carroty nibbles – I stood to the rear and checked everything was running smoothly. Of course, this meant I had to have my share of carrot too so I helped clean up the bites as my new friends offered them.


It was a lovely dry early Autumn day and the people came out of their home and sat on the terrace with us standing in front of them. Stenness is quite inquisitive and stuck his head into the home, but I told him not to go any further as people don’t always like it when we walk round their homes, even though we are house-trained.


Lovely nibbles, splendid trip out and I’ve passed this one as fit for the other llamas to try.


More from Golden Valley Llamas soon.


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