Ringsbury Ruminates on a Llama Exhibition and Golden Valley Llamas’ Doll Tor being awarded the Championship at the North Somerset Show

An exciting weekend for the Golden Valley Llama herd. Let me tell you about it.

Saturday morning saw our people rumble into the yard with great gusto. We were still asleep, when before you could say ‘Ringsbury’s your herd leader’ Avebury, Brodgar and Stenness were up, haltered, and out of the yard and into the trailer. Off they went to a place called Hampton Court which is a big stone house with flat green lawns, a river and wooded hillsides right here in Herefordshire. Apparently some people claim there is another Hampton Court, but that’s further away and is only made of brick which is very ordinary.

The boys arrived and were put in a pen next to the trailer and our people’s tent and lots of people came up to look at them and find out about llama trekking right here in Herefordshire. It’s always interesting leaving the farm, and going to a show is great – we always stand proud and tall and appear bigger than when we are on the farm. There is probably nothing our people love more than being with us, and time spent sitting with the llamas, or just talking about us makes their day.

On the Sunday, it was my turn and I decided I’d like to take over from Avebury, just to make sure Brodgar and Stenness were performing properly. So the three of us took our people back (far too early in the morning again) and we spent the day meeting people, being stroked on the neck and going for little walks around the castle grounds. On one of these walks I met a man called Ben Fogle who said he’d met llamas in South America (lucky chap!), and that llamas were one of his very favourite animals. Ben Fogle had seen hundreds of us in our homeland (can you imagine? – llama heaven!).

And then Monday saw the Golden Valley Llama herd attending a show we’ve been to before. It’s called the North Somerset Show, and last year I was extremely proud of our young chap Golden Valley Croft Ambrey walking off with the Llama Championship at the show. This year, four of my girls took our people and performed so well, I can’t tell you how proud I am. Little Hetty Pegler was awarded second place in the young female llama class and Merrivale was awarded first place in the one year old female llama class AND first place in the fibre competition. Well done young Merrivale. But even better was Doll Tor being awarded first place in the older female llama class. I am told she walked beautifully, and then she competed in the Championship, and, well you could have knocked me down with a feather, Doll Tor was awarded Champion of the North Somerset Show 2010.

I think I’d better go and lie down, I’m all overcome with emotion and happy tiredness.

More from Golden Valley Llamas soon.

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