Mr Ringsbury Here

Mister Ringsbury Here!

As Leader of the esteemed Golden Valley Llamas, it fills my heart with pride, as Spring leaves Winter is its wake,…. the birds, new growth on the trees, blossoms, tasty hedgerows etc etc…………..ahh, all very delightful I’m sure, but this won’t do!

So one beautiful morning, I call the whole team together, slowly I mount the grassy hill in Home Field, survey the faces looking up at me……….ahem……..I say…….pay attention at the back you youngsters…………I have something I wish to say to you all:

‘The two legs are very tired, they have provided for us all Winter and now the weather is kinder to us all, they are bursting with the joys of…….etc etc and its our duty, nay, our pleasure to make sure they are afforded some respite from the daily drudge…some rest, some recreation, some release from the hum drum, and you my dear herd, are the just ticket to deliver said…etc etc.

So best foot forward, I say, prepare yourself etc etc (yes that includes you, Stanton Drew) for a Spring and Summer of 2022 to be a classic year. You will uphold the honour, the integrity and the excellence of the superlative trekking experience offered by this, the foremost of llama establishments. (Yes that includes you Rollright and please explain to Loupin Stanes what Superlative means).

I beseech you all, to deliver to the Two-Legs everything that is expected of you, have your necks stroked, have you noses haltered, walk out…with aplomb, true of step, noble of bearing …etc etc and uphold the pride of the Golden Valley Herd….hurrah to us all, for England (and Wales), St George……….etc etc. I think I might go for a nap now.’

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