Moai Wants a Snack

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the tastiest morsel is always the hardest to come by.

It is also widely known that a llama just adores ash leaves. Well, a llama rarely says no to much, but favourites do exist, namely ash, elm, apple and the delicious hazel. The common factor is if the said tree is fruit or nut bearing, this adds to the yummy-ness it would seem.

This time of year, the sweetest leaves appear and boy, do we all tuck in.

Now the rest of the herd don’t rate me much for my looks or intelligence but I do have a ‘party trick’ that none of them have ever mastered – I can jump!

I’m a fairly lofty animal in the first place, I stand tall. When two legs arrive for their llama trek, they always cry “Oo they are much bigger than we thought “. Of course, they are mixing us up with our camelid cousins the alpaca. Height, however, has its advantages.

In our yard, there overhangs a beautiful ash tree.  Everyone has a go at it. Stenness depends on our two leg to pull down leaves for us to eat. He looks at them, he looks at the tree, he looks at them. Sometimes this tactic works.

 But I can help myself thanks very much. I balance on my back legs and s-t-r-e-e-e-e-e-t-ch upwards as hard as I can. Sometimes I add an extra bounce on my back legs, hopping up and down.

My prize? tasty ash just for me! The rest of the herd can only look on with amazement!

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