Moai takes an early Spring trek

Cria weaning is complete, the herd is all back together again and llama trekking has stepped out again quickly this early Spring.  The weather has been wonderful recently and our hawthorn hedges are springing (yum yum) and the bright yellow daffodils are in full bloom.  Daffodils are not for eating, just looking at.


We’ve lots of treks lined up and Good ol’ Brodgar, my bro Stanton Drew and I took lovely Kate and Ken out a couple of days ago.


Marvellous sun, pretty dry underfoot and not at all slippery we took our regular route to Ewyas Harold Common.  Brodgar was chief as usual and he showed Kate the way, and I walked in the middle of the group with Ken.  There was lots of action in the village with people coming at us from all sides – they’re so pleased to see us out in good weather again and then we reached the tranquillity of the common.  It’s truly beautiful and I could see for miles and miles.


Ken was very good and didn’t need much instruction from me on how to walk, which route to take, and was aware we all like to stop regularly to check out our surroundings.


Brodgar was a gentle lad with Kate and she loved him.


I’m SO happy the weather is better and all our trekking friends are coming to visit.


More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon


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