Moai and Rollright have a visit from the vet




We’re the youngest llamas at Old King Street Farm.  That’s us on the right.


Rollright – I’m browny-grey with a white face and I’m ten days older than my brother.

Moai – I’m a mix of white and brown and I’m bigger than my brother.


After a few trial walks round Ewyas Harold we took our first full trek the other day.

Brodgar, Silbury and our older brother, Stanton Drew took us for a llama trek on Ewyas Harold Common.  It’s lovely; a huge open space, but with interesting paths leading past nibbly twigs of hawthorn and dog rose.

Moai – we’ve just had a visit from Doc.  I remember Doc putting a sharp prick in all 14 of us, and then Rollright and I were taken aside for ‘special treatment’.  The next thing I remember was waking up on the mats of the barn, being rolled over so I could get up, and eating hay again.


Rollright – that’s right, something strange happened with this person, Doc, and I remember lying down next to my bro, and being nearly asleep, but not really.  I think our people were there and they covered our eyes so we could sleep, which was kind of them.


Moai – it was all very strange.  The day before Doc arrived, our barn was cleaned and scubbed and dried, and then Ringsbury, Rollright and I were shut in half of it.



Rollright – yes, that’s right – I think Ringsbury was there to comfort us, and he did this jolly well.  He’s lovely.


The other boys were left just outside our pen, and the next morning the girls (including my mum Long Meg) were brought up to the yard.  Even Pharaoh appeared, though he was put in the trailer.  Doc gave us our inocyou, innoccoo…..jabs, and then my baby bro Mo and I had a big attack of memory loss.


Moai – we woke up on the clean mats in the inner pen – my head was cradled in a towel, and so was Rollright’s to keep us quiet, but when we wanted to wake up we were helped to get up.  Once we had stood up, we walked around and stood at the manger, and neither of us even stumbled.  We did feel woozy, but we got stronger quickly and went for a walk around the yard.


Rollright – Doc left and we spent the rest of the day in the yard with the older boys and had the chance to eat hay, and by the time it was dusk, all nine of us were kushed in the barn ready for sleep.  Moai and I were the first to nod off.


Moai – next day we went down the hill to lovely Bottom Field.  It was a warm and dry day and we were happy to be in a new field.


Rollright – elder bro Stanton Drew took care of us today and made sure we didn’t run around too much.  It hurts if you run.  Apparently he’d had a visit from Doc last year, but had forgotten to tell us…


Moai – we’re now fully fledged trekkers.  It was lovely seeing my mum Maes Howe yesterday.  And in a month or so, all the llamas will be running as one big happy herd again here at our farm.


We’re off now, bye from Rollright and Moai.


More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon


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