Maes Howe wanders into the kitchen

We llamas are curious and like to know what is around the next corner.  I often step into the shop with the trekkers when they return from a lovely llama trek and I sometimes lie down on the carpet in the office.  This morning our people were pottering about outside doing stuff when I spotted an open door and delicately stepped in and had a jolly good look around.

They didn’t see me so I went a bit further and reached the kitchen which is where our people keep their feed bins.  I did a bit of a dance on the floor because it made a lovely noise and walked over to our people’s water bucket.  I spotted an apple on the table and sniffed it.

At that moment our people came back from the yard and said ‘Oh hello, Maes Howe, we didn’t see you walk past us’.  They noticed me looking at the apple and because they are really very nice people they cut it up into bite-sized pieces and I had a nibble of some good, sweet appley fruit.  Yum!

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