Maes Howe introduces cria Kilpeck

Hello.  I’ve just given birth to my sixth cria.  He’s a gorgeous little boy and I love him very much.

Our lovely people knew I was about to have a cria and were with me throughout the birth.  They asked me if I wanted to deliver in the barn or the field and as it was such a lovely day I thought the field would be nice.

My field girls weren’t very interested and stayed away till the very end, but my lovely people encouraged me and Bravoed when I’d delivered the little chap.  Tintagel rushed up to see him emerge and when he landed my daughter Ann Howe and young Hazelton also came to inspect the new arrival.

Young females can be a bit pushy.  I know they mean well, but we mothers really have to tell teenagers when enough is enough.  It’s fine having the Two Legs with me – in fact they really helped as they spent longer keeping the three teens back than I took to give birth.  From first to last I was done in 30 minutes, and with my gorgeous one soon struggling to his feet and feeding, I had to think that life doesn’t get any better than this.

Tired, we lay and soaked up the sun.  I love my boy.  He is called Kilpeck.

I am so happy I shall compose a poem.  This is a traditional poem of three lines, with 5, 7, and 5 syllables.  It is called a Howku:

Raising my cria

Is the best thing in the world.

Dear llama baby

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