Long Meg’s son Carnac is born

I’m a new Mum again.  Hurrah for me!

Our people had been doing their usual thing – creeping round behind all us girls and checking up on us to see if we were about to give birth.  I know they mean well and I seek them out, so I gave birth in the pen one morning last week.

My new son is called Carnac and he’s a strong little chap.  He’s grey with a light brown covering over his back and the sweetest white spot on his nose.  I think he’s quite wonderful.

Carnac’s birth was easy – 30 minutes from first to last – and whilst the over-boisterous lads were asked to leave the birthing pen, all my girlfriends were there.  We made a bit of a party of it and our kind people threw some hay around for the birthing party and we all ate.  I’m multi-talented – I can eat and give birth at the same time.

My boy was dried off with a towel and had his navel dipped in a dark brown liquid called iodine and weighed and then we were released to go back to our field.

I’ve been resting in the field – eating good lush grass and producing wonderful mother’s milk for my son ever since.  He runs around lots and is just a little wonder.  I love Carnac very much and hum loudly if he goes too far away.

More news from Golden Valley Llamas soon


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