Long Meg’s Diary


Hello Everybody,


Two weeks ago we had lovely sunshine, but last week we had heavy snow here in Herefordshire.  It was 7 or 8 inches deep and we waded through it, covered up to our knees.

Snow isn’t great fun for us.  After all, our food is completely covered up by the cold white stuff and we spent practically the whole of three days in the barn with our manger and nets full of hay.  Our people gave us extra feed and we gobbled it all up.

We did stroll down to our field a couple of times and attempted to play at the top of our little Andean peak which our people made for us.  You see, we like the game ‘King of the Castle’.  This is great fun.  First one of us climbs the hill, then the other llamas take it in turns to run to the top and try and shunt the first llama off the hill.  We girls are a bit more nimble than the boys and Ringsbury sometimes charges up the hill, we sidestep, he misses, and goes hurtling over the top and down the other side.  He’s so big, it takes him ages to turn and charge back to the hill.  It’s very funny, but we have to make sure he doesn’t see us laughing.

In the field we have one great communal activity – going to the dung-pile.  This is something we do quite often, and we single out a couple of areas in each field where we can go and dung.  Of course, in the snow it was harder to find the spot, but I think we managed it.  Some people say we can be easily distracted.  After all, our people had gone for a walk and a play in the snow and being ever-friendly animals, we tagged along and made it an unofficial llama trek.  But then we came across the dung-pile, and well, we had to spend a couple of minutes there didn’t we?  I think all ten of us dunged this time.  It really is a very sociable activity.

Charging round the snow-filled fields after our people was great fun and we kept on running and veering and keeping our people in the middle of us.  I suppose they are ‘honorary llamas’ really and we like to be near them.

More llama chat soon.


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