Long Meg cuts her nose and is treated with the Magic Purple Spray

I’ve cut my nose and it smarts.

When we are itchy we like to rub on trees and fences and I’ve overdone it.  My nose had a tickle and I rubbed on a fence, cutting my nose, but my person was right on hand and patched me up.

Actually, it’s a very small cut but we always feel upset when we get a scratch or bump.

We were called into the barn and given mix and my person sprayed the ‘Magic Purple Spray’ on my cut nose.  All Well!  And I enjoyed eating my mix.  I know you shouldn’t eat and talk at the same time, but I’m hungry.

I have been told that I will be going to the British Llama Society National Beauty Pageant at Newbury in a few weeks, but I don’t feel very beautiful at the moment.

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