Long Meg and the girls break into the store of new hay

Hello Two-Legs,

A very good start to the day for us girls.  Yesterday evening we were locked out of the yard when the new hay was delivered.   We lined up at the gate to watch the trailer being unloaded into the barn.  Yum!

This morning we were allowed back in the yard and whilst our person was sorting out the hay bales at the top of the stack I led a charge into the hay loft.  Double Yum!!

It’s so green and fresh smelling I had to have a few quick nibbles.  Our person let me try the new hay for a minute – I think the two-legs like it when we get one over on them – and my daughters and Loupin and Annie joined in.  Maesie was a bit slow to realise what was going on and missed out, so she was given a handful of the fresh hay to test.  She approved.

This was a treat for us, but really we’re not meant to eat very fresh hay.  It needs to season, so we’ll finish off the last of the hay from last year first, and then our people will let us loose on the good stuff.

More news on the important things in life from the Golden Valley Llamas herd soon

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