Kennett’s First Diary

I’ve just taken my first full llama trek from Old King Street Farm.  It was great!  I had such a good time.  My idol Silbury and uncles Avebury, Brodgar and Stenness and I went out for a walk with a herd of grown-up two-legs and it was really cool!!


Our people felt that now I’m a big boy I should have the chance to see the world.  The world is Really Big and Ewyas Harold Common is HUGE.


From when I was a little llama cria my people have put my halter on me and so I’m good when they halter me now I’m 14 months.  In the pen we all had a quick bite to eat and then our halters were put on.  The new two-legs did this and were very kind and said nice things.


We walked much further than I’d ever been before – usually on my training walks I just go as far as the bend in the road – but this time we went through a village where people live and then onto a lovely wide grassy area.  It was warm and drizzled but I didn’t mind as it was all so new to me.  I followed my gentlest uncle Stenness and Avebury followed after me.  They made me feel safe.  We saw some dogs a long way away, but I think they were scared of us and didn’t come near.


Back home the new two-legs wanted to see the babies.  People always love llama cria.  We all went to have a look at Stanton Drew and Hetty Pegler and our guests said they were thinking of getting some llamas.  Apparently, people can find llamas for sale and that means we get to see even more of the world…..


As I said, my idol is Silbury.  I follow him everywhere.  Sometimes he doesn’t like it and even though I am submissive he will tell me to ‘Get Lost’.  But because it’s Silbury, I don’t mind and I keep on following him for a while.


Very soon the Golden Valley Llamas are off to a big show again.  Just a few days ago, Silbury and Stenness went to the Monmouthshire Show and stood smartly in their pen as our people talked about them.  They walked around the parade ring and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Lots of people they knew came to see them – people who’d trekked from the farm before wanted to say hello to their llama friends and Silbury and Stenness were interested to see the two-legs again.


Next week we’re going to a show in Newbury.  Last year, Silbury, Brodgar and Stenness went, and this year Croft Ambrey, Silbury, Stenness and I are going.  We’ll have to parade in circles again and our people will put on their silly white coats and an important two-leg will look closely at us and ‘judge’ us.  We’ll be there for two days and we’ll tell you all about it afterwards.  Maybe we’ll see you there.


Must go now as my first llama trek has tired me out and I’d like to have a sleep.


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